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Licensed Psychologist

Why Does Bariatric Surgery Require Testing From A Licensed Psychologist?

You're thinking about getting bariatric surgery - congratulations! This is an exciting step in moving forward to a life of health and wellness. One of the requirements before getting bariatric surgery is undergoing psychological testing near me before the process begins. It can be nerve wracking to think about meeting with a licensed psychologist, especially if you've never worked with one before. Rest assured, the psychological testing near me process typically goes smoothly for most patients who are considering bariatric surgery.

Many patients who come in to meet with a licensed psychologist for testing before bariatric surgery are nervous that they might say the wrong thing, or might struggle to figure out what to say in order to be approved for surgery. It's important to stop thinking about your psychological testing appointment as something that you can pass or fail. Your licensed psychologist is simply gathering information to help your doctor make informed decisions on what the best next steps are for your health. In most cases, the information that a psychologist gathers from your appointment won't be used to disqualify you from surgery, rather, it will provide your doctor with the information they need to help you stay healthy and well after surgery.

If you're ready to undergo the psychological testing necessary for bariatric surgery, Dr. Carol McLean is here to help. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

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